Villa Mojana gives you its welcome and awaits you at Limonta, an ancient village on the outskirts of Bellagio facing the branch of Lecco, the south east side of Lake Como. Villa Mojana is the original name of the villa and it means “in between.” In fact the property is surrounded by two streams, ending their run in the lake below. The streams provide guests of the Villa a pleasant and relaxing sound of water flowing between the stones.

Enchanted by the breathtaking views that Villa Mojana offers, we decided to create a charming accommodation, which offers a new concept of warm hospitality: you feeling at home. To achieve this mission, we have created moments for you to enjoy, such as the private terrace overlooking the lake, the infinity pool and the solarium. The interior design of the villa is also catered to your every need, where beauty and elegance are not ends in themselves but involve you in an experience with which to satisfy the senses.


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All of Villa Mojana’s rooms have been designed and built to provide maximum comfort in all its aspects, with design elements, high quality fabrics, attention to detail and a double view of the beautiful Lake Como.

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