Deluxe lodging and Private Winery

Three Generations of Wine Makers

Radino Wines, pure excellence

When love for the land and its best fruit meets a deep experience in the wine sector, the result can never be trivial. At Villa Mojana one can experience the Radino Wine Cellars, owned by the D’Angelo family. One can witness the great tradition that reaches the Aglianico del Vulture in its highest expression. Wines here are strictly BIO, able to beautifully accompany your moments of relaxation at our facility.

“The Wine Cellar is entirely dedicated to our guests. Here you will taste seven different wines and premium champagne. A real experience which can satisfy even the most demanding palate”

“It is simply matchless the elation of the evening that catches our guests when they taste the wines of our cellar on the panoramic terrace. The view of the Lake Como is an enchantment that accompanies the pleasure and the satisfaction of the palate. Everything is in the sign of excellence”



Decades of love for our land live in our wines: from Aglianico, Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes we make great red and rosé wines, with a great structure but smooth as silk at the same time. Osme is our delicately flowery and aromatic Chardonnay. Discover our wines…


A place where you live magic moments