Comfort & Style

Feeling at home in a snap.

“It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference”

Six rooms spread across the villa, rustic and also modern are waiting for you at Villa Mojana to offer you a unique holiday of relaxation. The rooms are all characterized by stunning double views of the lake, which our guests can enjoy both from the rooms and ensuite bathrooms. Design and good taste are the basis of the concept given to the rooms, which differ among themselves for colours, furniture, details and fabrics used, but all united by a décor with a strong personality and the warm welcome that they offer.

An Exclusive place

And you, in the center.

Villa Mojana’s comfort has also been taken care of with details such as the clothing of bed: double mattress and synthetic pillows to meet the different needs of customers and to promote sleep and relaxation.

Prepared with cotton sheets, interweaving fabric made of very thin yarns, giving a velvety sensation to the skin, fresh and good for all seasons.

Each room, like the entire hotel, is equipped with Wi-fi and a small corner desk and minibar.

Superior Design

Details that make the difference

The Villa, the Cottage and a further internal ownership structure provides a range of services and choice to our guests.

Different styles in every room, however, are united by the same denominator: superior design and quality to your relaxation and comfort of service.

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